It is of utmost importance that bettors have basic knowledge of fundamental football handicapping to ensure continued success in football betting. With a reasonable degree of certainty, you will fail if you lack knowledge of necessary handicapping skills. You got no choice but to learn the rule of the game.

It is not difficult to become a professional football handicapper, but you must learn how to develop a sound management system when dealing with your money and emotions. It is necessary to have a basic understanding of reading statistics and a high level of discipline when staking bets.

Before football season starts, do the calculation to decide on the amount on your bankroll and bet sizes. This can determine what will come out of that season. However, I will recommend at most 5% of your bankroll per bet. This is a better way to manage money.


Why is a Handicapper better than an average bettor?

A professional handicapper is aware that they are at a better chance over average gambler in football betting. Most average bettors make decisions based on their passion, more like the teams they like watching and place a bet on them to win. Most football betting doesn’t work this way; otherwise, you are enriching the sportsbook pocket. You can only be a better gambler by learning the rules of the game and follow it accordingly. You will be consistent with wins if you are patient and follow it.


Methods employed by a good handicapper

Good handicapper uses different methods to pick winners; some make use of statistical results while others rely based on present conditions. There are also other factors such as crisis happening within the teams that can have a significant impact on team performance. You need to analyze the different situation to determine bet decisions

Notably, It is possible to combine the three methods by studying the statistics of the two teams involved and check carefully for the possibility of a point spread winner.

Check the team with a better defence, offence and unique players, past a home or away results. The result will show clearly having done the necessary analysis.

Some good football handicappers should have a good knowledge of developing excellent power rankings skills that allow you to compare point spread offered by sportsbooks and determine if there is a chance.

As earlier said, looking at the situation on the ground, for example, the team they played last, determine if some of the players are under fatigue, and the next match they will be playing (schedule). These factors are essential in your analysis.

When football handicapping comes off either from bounce backs, big win or loss, it is essential to look into the emotional factors. Football is best enjoyed if your emotion is connected to it, but underestimate the danger it can cause to your bet.

Using the emotional, statistical or situational approach, or even the three all combined, you can always become a professional handicapper. Find a good time to learn the skills and the reward of learning will soon follow. Doing this, you will know when to place a bet and when to observe the game critically.