If you’re looking for a chance to sit down on Macau casino table with few complexities and a lot of fun, baccarat is your game.

The game is essentially a game of chance. There isn’t any strategy to win the game. You must understand the odds of each hand and play according to the table.

Baccarat has always been a game for the elite. James Bond has also brought class to the game of baccarat.

Are you looking for a crash course on baccarat? Look no further! We’ve compiled a little introduction to the game of this game.

History of Baccarat

To learn about anything, you must know a little about its history. Baccarat originated from Italy in the 1400s. The original baccarat was slightly different than the version we see today.

The game then moved across borders to France where it was given the name “Chemin De Fer”. In France, baccarat was played by the aristocrats. Rich and fancy people would play the game with high stakes. Over the years, baccarat began to spread in Europe. It became famous in England after James Bond became the image of baccarat.

And then the rest of the world got to see baccarat. Starting off in south America, the game got a new face: Punto Banco. The rules here were very different than the European version.

After Cuba, the game flew to Vegas. Here, it developed a niche. Big businessmen in expensive cars would roll into the casinos, ready to bet millions on the baccarat table.

How to Play Baccarat?

Now, the question we all ask. How do you play baccarat?

There are three hands – the Player, the Banker and the Tie. You must wage on which hand will get a score of 9 first. Cards from 2-9 are face value while jack, kings and queens are worth zero points. And the ace is 1 point.

The dealer then lays out the cards – one for the banker and one for the player. If you had bet on the player and the score is 9, you get double your bet.

And if you had bet on the banker and won, then you get 95% of your bet. This is because you have to pay a commission to the casino.

The tie has a payout of 8:1, which is really good. But the possibility of a tie happening is really less (only 14%). It just isn’t worth the risk. Players believe the banker is the safest bet with a probability of 46%.

Where to Play Baccarat?

With the current pandemic situation, you can’t really go to the casino to play baccarat. And that’s why we have online casinos!

You can play baccarat at the comfort of your couch. No need to worry about hotel and travel expenses.

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